Masculine 4 Pack Scented Car Fresheners

  • $29.00

Looking for a fun gift for your bestie or new accent for your car? This Musky 4 pack is the perfect variety of scented car fresheners that will do just that.

This four pack includes: 

  • Bourbon Vanilla
  • Midnight Musk
  • Teakwood + Mahogany
  • Whiskey & Oak

The cutest way to add endless fragrance to your car! This 8mL diffuser comes pre-filled with your favorite fragrance. This diffuser will last 60+ days with typical use. The strength of the fragrance is completely up to you too, just tip the bottle whenever you need to refresh the scent!

This car freshener is the perfect way to make your car smell amazing. Not only will it make your car smell great, but it also adds a touch of decor to your favorite ride! It is the perfect car accessory for you or your bestie!

Our car freshener is a scented car diffuser that will make your car smell amazing, and look even better! It comes in a variety of different scent options so you can choose exactly how you want to feel when you're driving down the road. Whether you're looking for something that reminds you of your favorite vacation destination, or just a little extra boost of energy on those mornings when getting out of bed feels like too much work—this is the perfect product for any and every occasion!