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A Chic Spring

Channel your inner BOSS! 

Hey Babe, glad you are here! Let’s talk about our real wants for Spring 2021! Of course we love fall & winter fashion.. but let’s be real.. Covid has put a bit of a thunderstorm over so many things! We have adapted to the times & Elevated fashion has been born! Gone are the days where we spent hours getting ready for the many many events we use to attend! Now we need effortless , quick style for the always changing moments in our days/weeks.. BUT give us CHIC! I have fallen in love with the simplicity of graphic tees, easy denim & blazers. Covid has forced us to take a look at PRACTICAL fashion but that does not mean it has to be boring! So let’s get into it...

My favorite pieces in my closet are items I can wear during the day that transition to night time gatherings! Date night with the hubby, drinks with the girls .. whatever your taste we got you! 

A few items you must have:

•Low Profile Strappy Heel/ Wedge or Booties

•Simple Blazer

•Layered or Chunky Chain/Coin necklaces 

If you are running errands all day in your sweats & graphic tee and get spur of the moment plans all you need to do is throw on a good pair of denim & the above items and you are date night ready! Throw a cute little knot or front tuck that graphic tee & walla FUN, EFFORTLESS LOOK! 

And let’s face it... we are over the laundry anyway so adding to many extra pieces to that pile is NOT our JAM! 

-Sydney Oliva




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